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Name:Edgar Figaro
Birthdate:Jan 10

Name: Becky!
Livejournal Username: [info]code_gal
AIM/MSN: AIM: Onesnzeroes11
Current Characters at Luceti: None, but I have played Edgar (this journal) and WALL-E ([info]curious_bot) here in the past. I intend to play it such that Edgar remembers some of his time here from previously – at least the basics like the journals, wings, and experiments. He probably won’t remember the exact details of all of his interactions here previously (partially because it’s been long enough that I don’t remember all of them).


Name: Edgar Roni Figaro
Fandom: Final Fantasy VI
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Time Period: Right after the defeat of Kefka.
Wing Color: Royal blue with gold fringes, like the cape he wears.
History: Final Fantasy Wiki.

If you want, I can also post the herds of teal deer that I’ve written for his character in other places. ^^;
Personality: "The young king of Figaro Castle, Imperial ally, and champion of the technological revolution..."

Edgar, generally speaking, is a good guy. He fights for the right reasons, and has a strong sense of responsibility, especially towards his kingdom. He doesn’t lie or cheat for lying and cheating’s sake, but he’s not above it for the right reasons. He acts with dignity and grace when he can, and is generally level-headed. He cares for his family, which at the moment, is only his brother, Sabin, who hasn’t been seen for a while. Of course, this is because Edgar took the regency when the two were young so that Sabin would be free to travel and see the world, while Edgar took on the responsibility of being king. And yes, he rigged it this way, so that Sabin could choose his freedom with no remorse.

His weakness, however, is women. He will flirt with just about any girl he meets, though not in a sleazy way, but in a dashing "Prince Charming" sort of way (most of the time – sometimes, he’s just a lecherous old king). He really can’t say no to a pretty lady. Of course, being king has helped his status a fair amount, so that most women of the kingdom love him already.

He blames himself to a degree for not being able to stop Kefka from destroying the world, even though there wasn’t much he could have done. Still, he never let that stop him, as evidenced by how he spent the year after the events at the Floating Continent searching for a way to find Figaro Castle once again, and protect his people. It is interesting to note that he went after his castle and his kingdom first, only looking for the other Returners when they found him. He certainly wished to look for them – but his duty to the kingdom came first. (Okay, so that’s not explicitly stated, but it’s a decent rationale for why Edgar didn’t spend the year looking for his friends – and especially Sabin, his brother.)

Strengths: He’s a quick study, and can do many things decently; in this sense, he’s a jack of all trades. This is evidenced by Edgar’s list of potential equipment in the game. He has one of the largest lists, allowing him to use almost anything that isn’t character or female specific. This means he can fight with a variety of weapons, though (note this specific bit is headcanon) he prefers a rapier. He can even ride fairly well, as evidenced when he leaps onto a running chocobo to escape Kefka and his goons. His specific strength is mechanics and engineering, as evidenced by his large selection of tools. The kingdom of Figaro is the most technologically advanced in his world, and Edgar himself makes a point of knowing everything he can about the technology he has. There are technological secrets that only Edgar knows of.

Of course, show him a modern day computer and his mind will be blown, but that’s just due to the world he’s from.

In terms of emotional strengths, he’s good at not being bothered by much of anything. This isn’t surprising, because if he was bothered, he’d surely have severe clinical depression or something from all the times he’s been rejected.

Weaknesses: Women. Women, women, women. He’s a hopeless case, really. He can’t say no to a pretty lady. His castle is full of women. He’s promised to marry his own cousin – we can only hope that he’s joking about this, though. He hits on Terra before the player even knows his name, he hits on Celes later on, he even hits on Relm, the ten year old!

He also worries sometimes that he won’t measure up in his duties as a king. He looked up to his father while he was still alive, and tries very hard to be a good king. It’s not easy, though. He brings up this concern with his brother, Sabin, in the game once. Since the end of the world, this fear has only grown stronger – part of why he’s trying so hard to get back to Figaro Castle.

A lesser, more subtle weakness is his lack of discipline. It’s evident in his weakness with women – he doesn’t restrain himself to be professional. It’s also evident in his attention span sometimes. He doesn’t care for lectures, and he doesn’t care to do nothing for too long. This is also why he’s decent at many things, but only an expert in that which interests him: mechanics. It should be noted that this is somewhat headcanon.

Samples (ALL samples must be set in Luceti-verse.)

First Person:

[His voice is muffled at first, as though the journal is off to the side, closed. It doesn’t help that he’s muttering to himself, since there’s no one else around.]

Where am I? Last thing I remember was fighting Kefka, and there was a flash of light... I think we beat him.

[There’s a pause as he looks around, and suddenly the sound can be heard much clearer, as if he just opened the journal.]

Ah. Well this is familiar.

[Another slight pause, and then a sigh.]

Sure enough, wings. Hello again, Luceti. Does anyone know how much time has passed here since I left? Terra, Celes, Locke, are any of you listening to this? I’m not sure exactly where I am, but I can describe the area.

Things are kind of hazy... wish I had a better idea of where this was.

... so this is the end of the world. Funny, it looks like home.

Hmm... out in the middle of the desert, and not a chocobo in sight. No water supplies, and no sign of Castle Figaro. Those might be mountains off in the distance, though.

If the castle is submerged, I’ll never be able to find it. There might be someone at the base of the mountains with a chocobo, though. Or at least some kind of shelter...

[There’s a slight sigh.] I suppose I had better start walking, then.

At least these clothes are lightweight. But these wings...

How did these even get here? It’s a shame I can’t actually use them. It would make getting out of here faster, or at least more interesting.

Ah well. [The sound of footsteps in the sand as Edgar begins his trek.]

Third Person:

Edgar awoke to the sound of a nearby stream, which was strange; there weren’t any small streams anywhere near Kefka’s Tower, and that was the last place he remembered being. Specifically, he remembered being at the top of the aforementioned tower, fighting the owner of that same tower, Kefka. There had been a flash of light, and now he was here, in an idyllic little grove, next to a gently running stream. Everything seemed too clean and too nice to be the world as he knew it. Maybe defeating Kefka – and they had defeated Kefka, he suddenly remembered – had a more profound immediate effect than he had realized?

... and changed his clothes for him. That didn’t seem terribly likely. Furthermore, the outfit wasn’t Figaroan in design – it looks more like something Sabin would wear. Maybe it was his, and he had changed Edgar? But why? He wasn’t wounded. In fact, he felt just fine, albeit a little sore from – apparently – sleeping on the ground. Cold, too – Figaro didn’t get even close to this cold of weather; there was still snow on the ground. Maybe he was near Narshe, then?

It was about then that Edgar spotted the leather bound journal, not too far away. Thinking it might well be a clue to his current situation, he picked it up and opened it to the first page.

... well, he was right. It was a pretty big clue. The interface – and that’s exactly what it was, because this was no ordinary journal – looked familiar, like something from a partially remembered dream. What was the name of the place again? It started with an 'L'. Loomesi? Lucern?

After a while, he remembered: Luceti. He hadn’t thought about it while he had been back on his own world – not that he quite forgot it, either. It just... wasn’t in the forefront of his mind.

Which is strange – being kidnapped and trapped in an unfamiliar world and experimented on regularly isn’t the sort of thing that just slips one mind. There was no doubting it, though. A quick pass over his back confirmed it – wings.

If only he could remember where he was relative to the town – or what passed for a town, given that it was filled with other kidnapped people. Seemed like it was time to make contact – someone else would probably be able to tell him where he was. How did this thing work again? He realized then that the journal had been recording all along. Huh. Somehow, that was expected.

Sand. Lots and lots of sand. It was an all too familiar sight for Edgar. But how had he gotten here? The last thing he recalled was the Blackjack shattering as Kefka destroyed the world.

Well... apparently not completely destroyed. There was still this desert. It might even be the Figaroan desert. It didn’t offer as much hope as one might have thought, though, as the Figaroan desert was immense and Castle Figaro more than likely submerged as soon as things started to look bad. He could be standing on top of the castle right now and there was no way he or anyone inside would know.

Besides, something told him that there was something else at play here. That, of course, was the change of clothes and the wings suddenly affixed to his back. Edgar flexed the wings experimentally. They moved just fine under his control, but no matter what he tried, he couldn’t get the lift to get off the ground, which wasn’t really surprising. The wings weren’t particularly large. And the outfit, if it could be called that, looked to be more Sabin’s style than his. Perhaps someone had confused the two twins at some point. A grin flashed across the blonde’s face as he imagined his brother in the royal robes, ones Sabin had always complained were stuffy and tight.

So... that left him with a large stretch of empty desert, no supplies, and no clue which direction was the correct way to go, if there even was one. Well... nothing like a challenge, he supposed. Perhaps he would find some of the others; after all, if he survived, then surely they would have as well. Ha, he could almost imagine Sabin’s reaction. "What, you thought a little thing like the end of the world would stop me?" They were all safe, or at least as safe as he was.

Speaking of which, it was high time he started moving. While any given direction may have had a slim chance of leading to safety, standing still in the middle of the desert was a guaranteed doom.
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